Ridgefield Academy’s K-8 Advantage: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Imagine a school where the laughter of children fills the hallways, where each step taken is infused with purpose, passion, and most importantly, joy. At Ridgefield Academy, the emphasis on joyful learning isn’t just an afterthought—it’s at the heart of their mission. “School is challenging, and it should be, but it should also be nurturing,

Celebrating 25 years, Southridge thrives as a Family Office and in Philanthropic activities

Southridge, an accomplished family office with locations in Connecticut and Florida, is celebrating 25 years of investing in small public companies through multiple market and economic cycles during its history. “One of the main reasons we’ve been successful for this long is because we have a now long standing reputation for doing exactly what we

Springtide Launches New Location to Fulfill Mission of Access to Care for All

Springtide Child Development recently launched a new location at 35 Copps Hill Road in Ridgefield to increase access to interdisciplinary care for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Parents seeking treatment for their children sometimes face seemingly insurmountable barriers, including waiting periods of three months to a year, complex insurance paperwork, traveling to multiple therapists, and affording

Laurel Ridge Health Care: Nursing homes safe, loved ones hugging again

A drastic reduction in COVID-19 infection rates, the successful dispensing of vaccines, and Connecticut’s recent easing of pandemic restrictions has led to the state’s relaxing of visitation protocols. “People should feel comfortable admitting a loved one and visiting a loved one,” said Tim Brown, a spokesman for Athena Health Care Systems, which includes Newtown Rehabilitation

Boutique Fairfield County Family & Matrimonial Law Firm Schoonmaker, George, Colin, Bryniczka, & Welsh, P.C. Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Schoonmaker George Colin Blomberg Bryniczka & Welsh P.C., one of the oldest family and matrimonial law firms in Connecticut, was founded on April 1, 1996.  Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, the firm attributes its longevity and institutional success to the commitment and dedication to its clients and mentoring young lawyers who have become well known leaders

Innovative Ethan Allen Prep First Golf-Oriented Prep School in Northeast

There is more to playing college sports than being a talented athlete. Whether a student is a 5-star prospect headed to a Division I scholarship or planning to join a Division II or Division III program, balancing academic commitments with athletic training, home and road games can be challenging. While athletic enrichment is certainly a

A wonderful place to heal; great caring staff

The decision to admit an aging parent to a skilled nursing home, whether for short-term post-hospitalization rehabilitation or long-term or memory care, can be fraught with guilt. In the past year that guilt was compounded by fears of COVID-19. Athena Health Care Systems can assuage those feelings for adult children unable to care of their

Laurel Ridge Luxury Townhomes Provide Convenience, Quality Construction and Cost-Savings

The joys of home-ownership can sometimes be tempered by the headaches of associated responsibilities and costs. The luxury townhomes in Lakeside at Laurel Ridge, South Salem, New York enhance the joys while eliminating the headaches. The townhomes provide quality construction, a convenient location, a setting of natural and landscaped beauty, and a neighborly community. Phil